How to spice up your work outfits

To fill you guys in, on May 9- 20 I will be interning. While disguising what proper work attire is, with my father, the fashion icon (that was written sarcastically but with love) as we were driving towards the air port ti pickup my missing wallet ; it dawned on me that work clothes are pretty boring. To be quite honest, the idea of wearing a suit makes me cringe. Lets be real, I am not a politician and I am no where close to my 60s. I was stuck in a pickle. How do I not look vanilla ( vanilla= basic, boring, bla, ) but also maintain an appropriate professionalism with the way I dress? The preppy look has always given off a nonchalant put together- ness. My idea, was to take the prep school look and add a little spice to it.

2016-05-03 21.47.49I found this knee length tan skirt from the thrift store. It is an essential part of the prep look but also adds a sporty vibe. Next a tucked in a white button down, that i took from my brother’s give away pile. Tucked in button down always provide a chic edge. However, you can use any shirt ex: light sweaters, long sleeve Ts…  They are bullet proof. If it is manageable always add a belt. I am more of neutral, leather skinny belt kind of girl but feel free to mix things up and add a pop of color,crazy pattern or eye catching texture. Belt add an elegant simplicity and rustic vibe. Of course, I added a cardigan because no prep look would be complete without a sweater. However, rather than a simple cardigan, use an out of the box one. This one if from target, it is to the floor and light grey with buttons all the way down. For the spunk I added  a wild pattern ( ha see what I did there).  Do not shy away from animal prints! They show a free spirited, fun flirty side. Keep the jewelry simple and with warm gold and or copper tones. The hair I left down for a chill, beach waves kind of vibe.

2016-05-03 18.43.12For make up I stuck with warm neutrals, because who am I kidding that is all I ever wear. I wanted to punk up the look with a lavender,brown based metallic lipstick.I am obsessed with this color! Just remember that since you will be busy, makeup and outfit touch ups will be minimal. so, go easy with the makeup and go for a look that is light, comfortable and functional.




Jacky & Lauren lipsticks

I am obsessed with this new makeup brand called Jacky & Lauren.  So far, I have only tried their lipsticks but I am sure their other products are  equally as great.  The lipsticks are super pigmented. have a silky smooth texture and glide on effortlessly.  Most importantly, their ingredients won’t kill you. I got both the pastels and the bold colors. They come in packs of five and are not outrage-sly expensive.  I got their products at my local target- which is awesome. The lipsticks last for a fair amount, are easy to take off and don’t leave much of a stain once off. The colors flatter most skin tones. These colors are perfect for any season.

2016-03-08 20.01.41

2016-03-08 19.55.50My lips are not lined.


foundation-less foundation

It is  no secret everyone wants perfect, flawless, dewy skin. However, we come about it all wrong. Now, I love makeup as much as the next girl but  makeup can irritate your skin.  Instead of putting on foundation, concealer, and cover up which at times can only further the irritation, I found a better alternative option- zinc cream. Tinted zinc cream is pigmented  so it has a very similar look to foundation. Zinc cream reduces redness, blemishes, rashes, itching, and gives you a smooth coverage. The cream can come out quite thick so what I like to do is mix it with my favorite moisturizer (California Baby) and then apply it to my face with a damp beauty blender ( or foundation/ concealer brush).  You can even wear the zinc cream with makeup. Now, I am fairly pail so the cream gives me a kind of bronzey look. Don’t forget a little goes a long way with the zinc cream. This beauty hack can be used for both genders.


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